Thursday, June 20, 2013

Master-copy of Sargent's "Capri Girl"

A value study, done in oil, of Sargent's "Capri Girl." I focused on getting the right edges in the right spot. My confidence with oil has gone up over the past year. I had a fun time with this one, and I think it was successful. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Master-copy of Velázquez's "Juan de Pareja"

I'm working on a few personal projects. Topics and genres I've always wanted to paint. I'm using this opportunity to explore ideas, hobbies, styles, and subject matters. And with most of the planning is done for all four projects, I'm really excited for these next few months.

Along the way, I'll be doing a lot of master-copying - both digital & in oil. For this first one, I decided on Velázquez, who is one of my favorite artists. I'm really trying to match the edge work digitally. I feel this painting might be duller and warmer than what I'm seeing on the internet. In a few weeks, I'll come back, and paint the full painting as a test of improvement.